Tips If You Want to Travel With Children

Going road trip is always the most awaited vacation time every year. Especially if the child is able to participate in long trips by car. So that the trip back and forth is safe, you have to pay attention on safety check and tips during your road trip. Prepare your car and check the engine even if you rent a vehicle at Pittsburgh airport rental car return, you still need to check everything by yourself because double check will be better for long road trip. After checking the car, you have to follow these tips when you want to travel with your children.

Serve the car before the trip

Take a few weeks before you leave to check the condition of the vehicle as a whole. If there is a problem, the technician at the workshop will be able to fix it immediately.

Enough sleep

The road trip route will definitely be jammed so that the journey becomes longer and tiring. In order for a safe trip back and forth, you need good stamina, especially if you are in charge of driving a vehicle.

Prepare a car seat or booster for children

Seat belts in a car are not designed to support a child’s body. So, it is important for Parents to prepare a car seat so they stay safe. The use of car seats will reduce the risk of fatal injury in the event of an accident. Choose according to the age, weight, and height of the child.

  • Baby.

The position of the car seat should be facing back until the child is 2 years old. You can choose the Mothercare Ziba Baby Car Seat which can be used from birth to a maximum weight of 13 kg. This car seat is lightweight, comfortable, and can provide protection for children.

  • A toddler.

After reaching the age of 2 years, the position of the car seat can face forward. There are several choices, namely Mothercare Madrid Combination Car Seat and Mothercare Sport Car Seat. Both are suitable for use by children up to a maximum weight of 18 kg.

  • School age.

Older children may feel uncomfortable sitting in the car seat with straps. Choose a car seat that can be paired with a seat belt in the car. You can choose the Mothercare Malmo Highback Booster Car Seat with adjustable headrests. Car seat is suitable for children aged 9 months

Beside those tips, there are 7 basic safety tips you have to follow when you want to have a road trip with or without children.

  1. Do not speed, obey the speed limit while driving
  2. Share and keep the distance between vehicles
  3. Avoid picking up dropped item
  4. Obey traffic light
  5. Obey the traffic signs around you
  6. Do not drive a car when drunk or not fit
  7. Avoid doing activities on mobile (BBM, SMS, Line, WhatsApp) or receiving calls and making navigation or audio settings while driving.

Thus, when you want to have a fun trip with your children, you have to make sure the comfort and the safety. It is important for your own life and your family. It doesn’t matter whether you use your own car or you rent a vehicle at rental24h, you still need to check everything and your children’s need during road trip.

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