Hyundai Tucson VS Ford Endeavour, Which One is The Best for Road Trip?

People are confused about what kind of vehicle is nice and suitable for a road trip? Most of the travelers also compare between SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) or MPV (Multi-Purpose Vehicle) types that are just right to accompany their road trip trips. However, if you want to get maximum comfort in any road, SUV is the best choice when you want to rent a vehicle at rental 24h.

A deep comparison between two mid-class SUVs

It is not always seeking the winner when it has come to comparison but when you know the details of the car, you can know which car to choose for a road trip. You can calculate things like what engine that could be used for certain length of distance or what car that’s already good for any distance and road. To get more views, here is the comparison between Hyundai Tucson and Ford Endeavour.

Hyundai Tucson

Equipped with dual VVT-i which is claimed to make Tucson’s performance more resilient.

From the design of this car, it is very suitable for the road trip. Having three places to sit and in the third row can be used for passengers or goods to make Tucson’s capacity large enough to transport families, including goods needed for a road trip. By using gasoline, Tucson has a maximum power of up to 139 ps / 5600 rpm with a maximum torque of 18.7 km / 4000 rpm. In addition, Tucson has also been equipped with dual VVT-i, which is claimed to make Tucson’s performance more resilient with increasingly efficient fuel. In terms of safety and comfort, Tucson is equipped with various safety features for all passengers. Tucson also comes with a spacious cabin, so it is suitable for driving long distances.

Ford Endeavour

Overall, there are no significant changes from this car compared to the previous version. The most obvious changes that you can see on the front exterior of the Ford Endeavour are the addition of the engine hood emblem, giving an aggressive and masculine impression to the front view of this car. Looking to the bottom, this car gets a front garnish underneath which solidifies the toughness of a typical Ford heavyweight SUV. In line with the front view, the rear exterior of the Ford Endeavour also gets a silver accented under garnish, providing extra protection when you bring this car into rough terrain.

Not only that, Ford  pinned the Spare Tire Cover under the rear bumper as a place to store spare tires, providing a large enough luggage space without the presence of spare tires which are often disruptive. Thus when people choose to rent a vehicle at rental24h, this Ford always becomes the choice especially if you want to have challenging road trip like having off-road trip with your friends.

If you want to have a smooth road trip like you want to explore Route 66, then Hyundai Tucson could be your consideration but it could challenge to the tougher road too. However, off-road trip will be a lot safer and fun if you choose Ford Endeavour because it is indeed designed for that.



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